Team Roles

Our Managing Director is the visionary behind our Company. Having grown up with a passion for problem-solving, when combined with his interest in Software Development, it was a natural choice for him to start a business founded on the principle of using Software Innovation to provide solutions - particularly in Africa. His duties involve managing the bigger picture of the Company, acting as the glue that brings the Team together, as well as focusing on Client relationships.

Role: Managing Director

Similarities to a Lion: The perceived leader of the pack.

Our Business Manager is in charge of Business Efficiency and Tactical Management. She is the go-to when you want to get things done, and manages the smaller picture. Her duties range from juggling the various needs of the Team to streamlining the Business process. This includes things like heading up Team meetings, organising Events and Outings, liaising with Clients and Suppliers, and maintaining all Documentation & Records.

Role: Business Manager

Similarities to a Rhino: Independent with a tough skin.

Our Team Leaders are incredibly passionate about what they do, and they do it very well. Their skills, in combination with their dedication to their teams, the Team as a whole, as well as their respective projects, is the driving force behind our Company. For them, everything is important, and no detail is too small to warrant their attention. Their commitment to our company and our Clients is just one of the many things that we love about them.

Role: Team Leader

Similarities to a Buffalo: A working animal that helps others to work as a team.

Our Team also consists of Software Engineers. These experienced individuals are responsible for Designing, Creating and Developing Software Solutions. Their passion for what they do, as well as their skills and abilities, inspires us all on a daily basis. They are a vibrant, dynamic group of people who are very creative, dedicated and possess impeccable solution-engineering and development skills.

Role: Software Engineer

Similarities to a Leopard: Fast, can adapt well, and sees well in the dark.

Another division of the Team are Software Quality Engineers. These are the people who sweat the small stuff, being extremely detail-orientated and focussed on excellence. They are responsible for quality assurance, which is ensuring the highest standards of software solutions through the application of both manual and automated testing. This testing involves monitoring and assuring quality, accuracy as well as efficiency in all software projects.

Role: Software Quality Engineer

Similarities to a Elephant: Great memory, intelligent, and has maternal instincts.