Who We Are

BATSAMAYI is a level 1 BBBEE Software Development Company. Our journey began with a vision - to be able to help Africa keep pace with the rest of the world. Born from a passion for problem-solving, the means to achieve this dream is software development. It is creating, building, and producing software to provide unique solutions for unique communities, for unique people.

BATSAMAYI derives from the Sotho word meaning a team of very talented minds moving forward together. It was the right choice for us, because our goal is to meet the future - halfway. With this vision in mind, our journey started through the School of ICT at Nelson Mandela University, where we built the foundations of the BATSAMAYI you see today. With the support of Propella, a company dedicated to incubating technologies-based entrepreneurs, we graduated as a success story.

From there, we have grown from strength to strength. We produce and facilitate the development of solutions-based products that we are proud to be associated with. We align ourselves with clients and customers who share our passion for problem-solving and keep our dream alive. The dream of providing high quality, innovative solutions to Africa.


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Our Values
  • Superior Quality
  • We prize quality above all else, as it is one of the main services that we offer. We believe that everything is important, that no detail is too small to warrant attention, and we strive for perfection in everything we do.

  • Software for us, by us
  • We believe in the projects and products that we take on, because we are passionate about providing effective software solutions suitable for our unique country and communities.

  • Long term commitment
  • Our client relationships are long-standing, as we invest in both our clients and their projects, and believe in maintaining the highest levels of service and support even after a project is completed.

  • Team-Focus
  • We are very Team-oriented and believe that we produce the best results when we work together. Our Team culture is very strong and we regard one another as family.

Technology Stack
HTML css c# .net php MySQL MSSQL Firebase JAVA Android Swift iOS Bootstrap Kotlin Flutter AWS
What We Do

We provide a range of software services. Our passion lies in problem-solving and the provision of software solutions such as:

  • Quality Assurance
  • Automation Testing
  • Software Engineering
  • Cloud Engineering

For more information, please visit our Services page.