Software Quality Engineer

A Software Quality Engineer (SQE) is a person who sweats the small stuff. They are extremely detail-oriented and focused on excellence. Our SQEs are responsible for Quality Assurance, ensuring the highest standards for software solutions through both manual and automated testing. Testing involves monitoring and assuring quality, accuracy, and efficiency in all software projects.

Similarities to the Elephant: Intelligent, with a great memory and excellent instincts.

Software Engineer

A Software Engineer (SE) is an experienced individual responsible for designing, creating and developing Software Solutions. They have a passion for what they do, and their skills and abilities inspire us all on a daily basis. Our SEs are a vibrant and dynamic group of people, who are creative, dedicated and possess impeccable solution-engineering and development skills.

Similarities to the Leopard: Fast, can adapt well, and can see in the dark.

Team Leader

A Team Leader (TL) is incredibly passionate about what they do, and do it very well. Our TLs are dedicated to their teams, the team as a whole, as well as their respective projects, and are the driving force behind our Company. For them, everything is important, and no detail is too small to warrant their attention. Their commitment to our team and Clients is just one of the many things that we love about them.

Similarities to the Buffalo: A working animal that helps others to function as a team.

Business Analyst

A Business Analyst (BA) manages systems and processes. Our BAs identify opportunities within the Company and ultimately provide solutions that help us to achieve our goals. They are experts in requirement-gathering, research and communication, and support our team with their focus and determination.

Similarities to the Giraffe: Overseer who has a good long-distance vision.

Business Manager

A Business Manager (BM) is in charge of business efficiency and tactical management - they are the go-to to get things done. The Business Manager's duties range from managing the needs of the team to streamlining business processes. This includes heading up team meetings, organising Events, liaising with clients and suppliers, and maintaining all documentation & records.

Similarities to the Rhino: Independent with a tough skin.

Client Manager

A Client Manager (CM) oversees all opportunities and possibilities. Our CMs manage leads and clients in the sales pipeline, and provide quotations and proposals. They also assist with onboarding new clients, ensuring that all the paperwork is complete so that the team can proceed to implement their requirements as efficiently as possible.

Similarities to the Rhino: Independent with a tough skin.

Operations Manager

An Operations Manager (OM) takes charge of the daily running of the Company and the bigger picture. Our OM ensures that existing processes are being followed and creates new processes as the need arises. They have oversight of what is happening in all teams, and continuously manage how work is done, analysing for improvements and implementing these changes.

Similarities to the Rhino: Independent with a tough skin.

Executive Manager

An Executive Manager (EM) is second-in-command, wears many different hats and is extremely efficient and thorough. Our EM supports the Operational side of the business, but is also involved in managing relationships with our team members and existing clients. They also focus on creating relationships with new clients. They strategise with the Managing Director and take the lead when necessary.

Similarities to the Lioness: Looks out for the team and hunts for new opportunities.

Managing Director

The Managing Director (MD) supervises the big picture of a Company. The Managing Director is the visionary behind the Company, combining a passion for problem-solving with an interest in Software Engineering to found a business on the principle of providing bespoke software solutions to help Africa keep pace with the best. The Managing Director is the glue of the team, bringing everyone together, and focusing on client relationships.

Similarities to the Lion: The Leader of the team.